Four food trucks offering free delicacies of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras began a nationwide tour in Taipei on Saturday to promote Central American cuisine and culture, organized by the Central America Trade Office.
The food trucks are traveling together to various parts of Taiwan to offer traditional foods from Taiwan’s three Central American allies free of charge until May 29, the trade office said.
Some of the dishes being offered in the Puncar Taiwan Tour include fry jack, shuco and baleada.
Photo: George Tsorng, Taipei Times
Fry jack is a Belizean fried bread that is often served at breakfast, while shuco is a hot dog featuring Guatemalan sauces and meat. Baleada is a Honduran street food consisting of a flour tortilla filled with fried beans, cheese or other ingredients.
For nine weekends, the food trucks are to appear in 15 cities and counties, offering two dishes and one beverage each day, the trade office said.
The trucks began the event in Taipei before heading to New Taipei City yesterday, and are to appear in Keelung today.
Hosting food events is an exceptional way to promote exchanges between countries, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Yui said.
The tour should help expose Taiwanese to the rich food culture of the three allies.
Apart from shuco, people might also have a chance to try Guatemalan ceviche, a seafood dish made from shrimp cured in lime juice and seasonings, along with the country’s coffee, Guatemalan Ambassador Willy Alberto Gomez said.
Shuco and ceviche are classic Guatemalan dishes, he said, adding that they are most enjoyable when shared with friends.
Details about the event can be found at
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