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Taiwanese cuisine is having a moment in North Brooklyn! Fan Fried Rice Bar (740 Driggs Ave.) is a new Taiwanese restaurant with a focus on, you guessed it, fried rice.
Fan Fried Rice was previously located in Bed-Stuy and moved to Williamsburg in an effort to expand from a casual takeout spot to a full-service restaurant. 
The new space is located on a quiet corner in South Williamsburg with extra high ceilings and touches of greenery throughout the room. There is a small bar in the center of the space surrounded by a few tables available for dining in. 
Paul Chen, the owner and chef at Fan Fried Rice Bar, hopes to open an area in the back of the space allowing for more seating soon. Chen said that outdoor dining is planned for the future, but because of the city’s lengthy permitting process, tables outside might not be available for this summer. 
Fan Fried Rice Bar’s menu is small but mighty. The top section offers several Taiwanese appetizer options. The most popular appetizer is the popcorn chicken. The dish comes in flavorful bite size pieces topped with crispy basil. Other appetizer alternatives include a cucumber salad and vegan mapo tofu. 
The remaining two sections of the menu feature fried rice divided into two categories: classic and speciality. The classic fried rice options range from a plain rice with scallion and onion to one with a bone-in pork chop. 
The speciality section includes more exotic and complicated selections. One of the most popular speciality fried rice dishes is the spicy pastrami, containing loads of garlic. It’s surprising and delicious. All of the fired rice dishes come in large portions with a side of chili pepper oil.
Chen gave directions for reheating the fried rice at home, which might be necessary for some locals given the hearty portions. “Do not microwave,” pleaded Chen. “Put the rice in a non-stick pan and heat for a few minutes. The non-stick element is important,” he said. 
When ordering some of the spicier fried rice bowls, getting a sweet soda to cut the spice is highly recommended. The menu includes two non-alcoholic sodas from Taiwan: a Taiwanese sarsaparilla and a Taiwanese apple soda. Both will surely satisfy your sweet tooth and complement the fried rice’s flavor. The drink menu also offers a selection of beer including Taiwan beer classic pale lager, Prosecco and rosé by glass or bottle, plus a variety of sake.
Fan Fried Rice Bar is open Tuesday through Friday 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday noon – 10 p.m. 
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