MANILA, Philippines — It can take a while—and a lot—to get there, but hitting the big four-oh and beyond is in many ways a big sigh of relief.
After all the time, hard work and sacrifice you’ve put into your career, you’re at a stage where you can finally get to reap significant benefits: a more stable income, a certain command in the workplace, better living conditions, not to mention a better sense of self—all equally great reasons to celebrate.
As rightful titos and titas, one simple way to revel in your achievements is by kicking off the weekend stress-free. This means doing something you love, whether in the form of a hobby, a social event or a personal practice.
Here are a few examples:
One of the obvious ways to start the weekend right is by having a sumptuous meal. Being a tito or tita, you now have the budget to splurge on a nice meal once in a while at a favorite fancy restaurant.
It may not seem like much, but a great meal could mean the difference between a good and bad beginning to a Friday night. In the words of the late and great Anthony Bourdain, “Food may not be the answer to world peace, but it's a start.”
Over the years, you’ve carefully fostered a personal taste for film and music and likely have a fair number of curated media paraphernalia at home.
For most titos, they now have better “toys” to enjoy—perhaps a turntable or a Hi-Fi audio system or one of those big HD smart TVs—all for your own elevated entertainment from the comforts of home.
Not the diet kind of cleanse. This is more of a new age kind of practice, particularly manifesting good things and dispelling unwanted energy, which have been huge among many a titas of late.
Re-center yourself through meditation with the help of carefully picked out stones and crystals, and get rid of bad vibes that have accumulated throughout the week by burning either herb bundles, fragrant essential oils or incense at home.

Sometimes, all you need is the good ol’ company of family or friends over some good beer. Our social relationships are deeply important to all of us. And at this age, moments with loved ones make for precious memories as you get older.
Get-togethers don’t have to be grand, it can be as simple as a dinner or movie at home.
Personal quiet time after a busy Friday at work is one of the most underrated ways to end the week. With so many things going on in our daily lives, spending time alone in tranquil pause is a reward in itself.
You may even couple this with other activities like catching up on some reading or writing your thoughts in a journal (bonus points for titas who use colorful stationery, stickers and washi tapes).
All of these are great tito and tita staples when it comes to kicking off a great weekend, but if you want an instant upgrade to your evening, nothing beats drinking a glass of cold beer.
For one that is guilt-free, San Mig Zero is a great choice—especially for titos and titas who are watching their carb and calorie intake. Why so?
Because San Mig Zero is the only beer in the Philippines that offers zero sugar, the lowest carbs among all local beers and only 60 calories, making sure you still satisfy your craving for an alcoholic beverage while keeping the good vibes flowing.
Now cheers to a wonderful weekend together with San Mig Zero!
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Drink responsibly. 
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