Miaoli Wood Sculpting Legacy Award winners Tsai Yang-chi (蔡楊吉) and pupil Chen Pei-yin (陳配吟) are to sculpt a piece on-site at the Sculpting Carnival event this weekend and next weekend at the Sanyi Township (三義) Wood Sculpture Museum, the Miaoli County International Culture and Tourism Bureau said on Wednesday.
The event is to highlight the spirit of passing the flame to the next generation, especially for handicrafts, bureau Director-General Lin Yen-fu (林彥甫) said.
The museum is also hosting the International Exchange Exhibition on Wood Sculpture and the Taiwan International Competition Exhibition of Wood Sculpture, Lin said.
Photo courtesy of the Miaoli County Government via CNA
The museum has invited 10 masters to sculpt live at the museum, working under the theme of “animals,” Lin said.
Miaoli County Commissioner Hsu Yao-chang (徐耀昌), Sanyi Township Mayor Lu Ming-chung (呂明忠), the Sanyi Township Local Community Development Association, as well as local sculptors would attend, the bureau said.
People can enjoy the beauty of wood sculpting and visit other tourist spots in the region, it said.
Those who attend are encouraged to “like” the event on Facebook or vote on which sculptures they like most, Lin said.
A ceremony today to venerate Lu Ban (魯班), widely recognized as the father of craftwork in China, would open the event, with the Passing the Torch award to be conferred and the Taiwan International Competition Exhibition of Wood Sculpture to be held in the afternoon, Lin added.
Events are also to take place across the museum’s grounds, including stands selling cultural-creative products, do-it-yourself events for families, carpentry workshops and bamboo weaving, the bureau said.
Sanyi has always performed well in the arts and drew many visitors to the county, Hsu said, adding that everyone is welcome to visit and enjoy the local culture and Hakka cuisine.
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