TAINAN, Taiwan, Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — During this travel expo, 30 stations on the Tuen Ma Line and East Rail Line saw the appearance of unique promotional images advertising Tainan City, Taiwan’s old capital with close to 400 years of history. Ranking and overall evaluation based on search volume, SNS tags and actual visitor numbers to Tainan’s tourist spots published in Hong Kong, and with a creativity to evoke long-awaited thoughts of traveling abroad: “Want to Travel to Truly Taiwan, Truly Tainan” as an international city promotion theme, using the high degree of attention on Taiwan and the global craze to make and share travel videos on SNS, 10 Tainan highlights with historical significance: Chikan Tower, Hsu Feng Hao, Chimei Museum, Madou Daitian Temple, Anping Tree House, Beimen Crystal Church, Sicao Green Tunnel, Dingtouer Sandbar, Jing Zhai Jiao Tile Paved Salt Fields, and Ten Drum Culture Village were selected by a professional photography team to be “Tainan’s 10 Must-See Attractions” to feature lightbox and video ads; four consecutive weeks of exposure created enthusiasm and sharing in the community to become a hot topic of conversation after this year’s expo.
The First REELS Music Created for an Ancient Capital Invites You To Experience TrulyTainan.
Acclaimed musician Emily Pu was invited by the Tainan Tourism Bureau to compose TrulyTainan theme music for her hometown. This musician who first cut her teeth in Tainan has taken her electronic folk solo performance style to China’s Sing My Song talent show, live houses in New York as well as major music festivals at home and abroad. With deep feeling for her hometown, she especially took as inspiration Fucheng’s rich cultural heritage and from more than 100 Tainan temple fair videos sampled sounds of classic traditional instruments, then used western electronic music to rearrange it with varied rhythms and diverse sounds that display a spirit of innovation without forgetting one’s roots. Several kinds of traditional and popular musical elements are brought together, as if shuttling the traveler between the remains of old houses and modern creative arts. This is the very first time for Instagram to have specially composed “ancient capital” audio for short videos that users can freely store and with video editing create and share their own go REELS videos.
With the Most Complete Historic Sites and Traditional Culture, One of Taiwan Tourists’ Best-Loved Cities
Before the pandemic the number of Hong Kong tourists coming to Taiwan grew by an average of 2.9% for three consecutive years. From the reports on post-pandemic Asia travel trends published by TripAdvisor and Skyscanner, of three major tourism features of healing, getting close to nature, and history and culture, Tainan both before and after the pandemic has been a must-visit city for those who come to Taiwan to relieve stress and soothe the mind, somewhere you can conveniently see mountains, sea and cityscape within a single day.
Walking into the ancient capital of Tainan is like stepping into living history, roaming a historic canal, witnessing stories of civilization changing. Retaining nearly 400 years of historic landmarks, culture and creative arts, traditional cuisine and natural scenery, Tainan the birthplace of Taiwan’s first city, giving it a status and historical value akin to Kyoto in Japan or Gwanju in South Korea. When the pandemic struck the hotel industry, only Tainan kept up its occupation rate as Taiwan’s number one, added 97 new hostels with revenue up NT$1.21 billion over the previous half a year. According to Taiwan media’s publication of tourism satisfaction survey results, in 2020-1 Tainan City was for two consecutive years one of the cities that people in Taiwan most loved to visit.
World-Class Safe Travel Certification, Create Your Michelin Dining Map
“Peace of mind and safety” has long been Tainan’s designated primary goal in reopening to international tourists coming to Taiwan. The city requires that those that work in the hospitality sector catering to visiting tourists should conform to world travel safety certification, and has already helped attractions, hotels, transportation and restaurants to obtain the World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Safe Travels Stamp. Tainan City has made preparations of the highest standard for the safety of travelers after Taiwan reopens to tourism.
Tainan in 2021 won 16 international awards such as the Healthy City Innovative Development Award and Best COVID-19 Global Community Program Award. The city has won recognition from the world-famous gourmet travel review magazine the Michelin Green Guide and features on this year’s Bib Gourmand list of recommendations as a must-visit city for international visitors to Taiwan. A food writer for the US Wall Street Journal recommended Tainan as a world food museum. From the evaluation by experts, ambassadors and representatives stationed in Taiwan, and representatives from Tainan’s sister cities invited to a food forum: “Delicious delicacies, healing for the soul” expressed the appreciation for the “flavor” of Tainan.
Before you prepare to restart your overseas travel plans, please first visit the www.twtainan.net Travel Tainan website and check out the “10 Must-See Attractions in Tainan” to plan out your itinerary. Along the way taste local snacks, Michelin-selected traditional flavors and state-banquet-level classic Taiwanese cuisine. Record your own TrulyTainan REELS short video and create your own exclusive food map.
SOURCE Tainan City Government
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