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Belize will no longer be required to obtain a visa when travelling to the Republic of China (Taiwan) for thirty days. The Taiwanese Government announced that it will be restoring the visa waiver for Belize and a select number of other nations. Belizeans must have a passport with a validity of up to six months and the Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, David Kuan Chou-Chien explains that the exemption is only for tourist visas.
David Kuan-Chou Chien, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan): “The visa exemption program is open. The visa exemption treatment is open to Belize nationals who visit Taiwan with the purpose of business, tourism, and fact finding mission, and exhibition visiting, and family members visiting, and social events and so if you are qualified, if you went to Taiwan with the purpose of the above mentioned, you don’t have to apply for a visa to go to Taiwan.”
The Chief of the visa department, Bella Hsieh (Shi-eh), explained that there are certain caveats.  Since the exemption is only for a visit lasting thirty days or less, travellers must provide a confirmed air or sea ticket with their departure date. Hsieh also added that there is a mandatory quarantine period.
Bella Hsieh, Consul, Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan): “The travellers still have to abide by the regulations such as the quarantine periods. We have three plus four quarantine periods so three days in the quarantine hotel and four days of self initiated epidemic prevention and during these four days, if you go out for necessary shopping or work, you have to wear a mask all the time. You have to maintain social distance and when you arrive at the airport you also have to go through a PCR test before going out of the airport.”
David Kuan-Chou Chien, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan): Yeah, when you go into Taiwan airport, you’ve got to show your proof that you will leave, like with air flight tickets, you want to leave within a certain period of time. I think that we sincerely welcome our good friends from Belize to visit Taiwan because Taiwan is not only a country of democracy and of freedom and openness but also an island full of hospitality and friendship. Taiwan owns a beautiful and breathtaking natural scenery also multiple cultures and arts and also, that Taiwan owns diverse and delicious cuisine.”
This will be implemented Monday, September 12. More information can be found on 


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