TORONTO ­— It was 135 years ago when Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) first began operations, kicking off Taiwan’s longstanding love affair with rail travel.
TRA’s modest operations in those early days eventually grew to include a comprehensive network of trains that connects cities and small towns around the country. And in 2020, a new standard for luxury train travel was set with TRA’s new Future Train, which quickly garnered rave reviews and the public’s attention.
Taiwan’s Future Train elevates the rail experience
Offering various scenic tours around Taiwan, the Future Train truly impresses with four Business Class cars, each featuring 33 seats. Onboard, guests are treated to specially designed mood lighting and big vista windows that afford glorious views of passing landscapes. While enjoy select wines, oolong tea and Alishan coffee, guests can learn about local landmarks from a professional guide. And during stops, a wide range of curated activities is available, including visits to museums and local rice farms, beer tasting at artisan breweries and more. At night, guests will be transported by dedicated shuttles to luxury hotels.
Taiwan’s Future Train elevates the rail experience
Touted as the ‘five-star moving restaurant,’ the Future Train now also boasts a Moving Kitchen, two dining cars as well as a bar that accommodates 54 guests. Waiters have been meticulously trained to serve high-end dishes on a moving train, with the delivery of each course timed to coincide with passing views.
Absolutely no expense has been spared to provide a comprehensive journey that combines high-end cuisine with local scenery. It’s a journey one must simply take to believe.
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