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The book “Zelensky: We Believe So” was published in Taiwan. It contains 50 of the most famous speeches of the President of Ukraine and his way of becoming a leader of a new format, reports Taiwan Posts.
The speeches are accompanied by brief explanations of their symbolic and political significance, a chronicle of the war, and photographs. In addition to speeches during the full-scale war, the book also mentions Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech at the inauguration in 2019.
“Ukraine defends the common beliefs of democratic societies worldwide, courage, and lifelong human values. The world is one, and no one can protect himself by thinking that the fire of war is somewhere far away,” says publisher Rex Howe in the foreword to the book.
“Zelensky: We Believe So” is a joint project of the Taiwanese publishing house Locus Publishing and the Ukrainian Yakaboo Publishing. It is known that the Taiwanese pre-ordered more than ten thousand copies at the time of release. The purpose of the publication is to ensure that the world continues to pay maximum attention to Ukraine.
In conjunction with the publication of the book “Zelensky: We Believe So”, Big Block Culture stated that it would donate the same amount as the royalties for each book to Ukraine to express their support for the publishing industry that was destroyed by the war. Taiwan and Yakaboo also A global launch of the book will be held together at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October.


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