by Holly Foster
May 20, 2022
Connections and Careers
I’ve always loved teaching and my mom’s side of the family is Taiwanese. I thought that this would be a great opportunity to connect with a part of my heritage that I’ve had limited access to as I continue to practice my teaching.
I’m excited to exchange language teaching and learning tips with students and teachers I meet abroad, and explore Taiwan’s many wonderful languages, arts, and cultural sites that I think will inform my development as a teacher, artist, and individual.
My work at the Wellin Museum has been one of the most enriching, encouraging, and fulfilling parts of my Hamilton career. I think that my time designing art education programs for kids in the area will be a big help as I transition to teaching language, and I’m hoping to incorporate some of the art-based activities I used at the Wellin in my teaching abroad. 
Emma Berry ’22
Major: Art
Hometown: Syracuse, N.Y.
High School: Cazenovia High School
Most Important Activities: Wellin Museum Studio Programs Student Assistant
I’m so grateful to Professor Rebecca Murtaugh, Professor Katherine Kuharic, and the Wellin’s Marjorie Johnson for all of their mentorship, guidance, and encouragement as I prepared my Fulbright application. I’d also like to thank Ginny Dosch for the numerous drafts she helped me workshop. Finally, thank you to my parents for encouraging me to apply, even when my confidence got in the way. 
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