You might have noticed a lack of playing time for veteran Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter, but the Turkish big man has been keeping busy off the court trying to shine a light on human rights issues in China involving Tibet, Taiwan, and China’s ethnic Uighur population in the western side of the country.
With the Celtics already banned in China as a result of his activism, Kanter doesn’t have much to lose, and has been tearing into the country’s leaders on a near-daily basis. “My message to all freedom supporters watching this today is: We are stronger together. We must all #StandWithTaiwan, support Taiwan, and defend democracy. We must keep Taiwan free and safe,” wrote Kanter in a recent tweet.
Kanter’s activism has not gone unnoticed, with exiled Tibetans and even the president of Taiwan reaching out to Kanter in response to his flurry of posts, videos and other activism.
What an honor!
Thank you to the president of Taiwan @iingwen for your kind words.
I can’t wait to come visit your beautiful country, learn about Taiwanese culture, taste some of your delicious food, and meet the brave people of Taiwan.
We are stronger when we stand together.🇹🇼
— Enes Kanter (@EnesKanter) November 13, 2021

President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan produced a video in response thanking Kanter for his activism.
“We will always defend our hard-earned freedom and democracy, and the support from you and our friends around the world gives us strength,” Tsai related in a video retweeted by Kanter.
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