Dance can be used as a language to connect people from all around the world, regardless of whether they can communicate with words. One dancer is gearing up for an April performance that ties Taiwan together with Spanish culture.
Originating centuries ago, flamenco is a beautiful dance that represents the fusion of many different ethnic cultures in Spain. Now, Taiwan is becoming a part of that story. 
Hsueh Yu-hsien is a professional flamenco dancer and is presenting her newest work called “Carmen Bolero Inmortal” in Taiwan in April. Hsueh says that this group performance is a culmination of traditional flamenco dancing and Taiwanese culture throughout the ages.
Hsueh was accepted into Madrid's Royal Conservatory of Dance Mariemma at the age of 12. She returned to Taiwan six years ago, after graduating with many accolades and touring with international dance groups.
Hsueh says that dancing flamenco requires intense discipline and a deep understanding of one's self. Getting in touch with herself and finding her own innovative style has allowed Hsueh to bring together Taiwan and Spain, both countries that she has strong ties to.
Hsueh says she drew a lot of inspiration for this piece from her relationships with her mother and grandmother, as well as the time periods they grew up in. According to Hsueh's mother, Ho Lien-hua, the first half of the performance represents the anger and hate that daughters may sometimes feel towards their mothers. However, the second half explores the eternal love that ties mothers and daughters together, despite their complex differences.
“Carmen Bolero Inmortal”will be performed on April 15 and 16 at the  Performing Arts Center for National Taiwan University of Arts.
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