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Athletes’ ambitions don’t end when they leave the field of play. Now more than ever, players rightly see themselves as multi-faceted entrepreneurs, and seek ways to leverage their brands in everything from real estate to venture capital. “Athlete | Empire” presents the in-depth, intimate stories of these businesses, as told by the players themselves.
Trains Full of Grain Stuck in Canada as Rain Snarls Deliveries to Ports
Buying Conflict-Free Tin and Coltan Out of Congo Just Got Harder
Fed Officials Eye Further Rate Hikes, With Possible Peak Above 5%
US Labor Market Cools, Barely, Leaving Fed’s Job Far From Done
Barkin Says Fed May Need Terminal Rate Above 5% to Cut Inflation
Ford in Talks With Korean Firms to Build Cathode Plant in Quebec
Durant: Nets ‘Could Have Kept Quiet’ About Irving, Tumult
Twitter Latest: Could Be the Most Valuable Company, Musk Says
Meta’s Instagram Head Mosseri Feels ‘Urgency’ for Reels to Work
Twitter’s Deep Job Cuts Begin; Musk Decries ‘Massive’ Sales Drop
What to Expect in UK Chancellor Hunt’s Plan to Fix Fiscal Hole
Biden Team to Push ‘Ambitious’ Antitrust Crackdown on Big Tech in Congress
Musk Says Twitter Can Become the Most Valuable Company in the World
Here’s What Happened in the City of London This Week
Durant: Nets ‘Could Have Kept Quiet’ About Irving, Tumult
Americans Move to Mexico at Record Pace as Remote Work Calls
The Gen Z Devil Wears Prada
Musk Enters the Layoff Hall of Infamy With Emailed Firings
The Mythical Soft Landing Looks Slightly More Achievable
US Housing Hit by Spiraling Mortgage Rates as Inflation Persists
El Salvador’s $300 Million Bitcoin ‘Revolution’ Is Failing Miserably
US and China Go From Growing the Pie to Fighting Over Slices
New Jersey Synagogues Threat ‘Mitigated’ After FBI Alert, Murphy Says
Women’s Unemployment Drove Last Month’s Rise in US Jobless Rate
South Africa to Use Bulk of $8.5 Billion Climate Funding for Electricity
New York Voters to Decide on $4.2 Billion of Bonds to Fight Climate Change
NYC’s Subway Police Surge Fails to Dent Transit Crime
Asian Americans Set to Play Decisive Role in Midterm Elections
Hoboken School Board Faces Voters After January Bond Flop
UK Parliament Group Starts NFT Inquiry as Crypto Scrutiny Grows
This Week in Crypto: Elon Musk, Dogecoin, Zimbabwe
Crypto Cowboys Test the Lonestar State’s Grid as Mining Woes Persist
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China accused Taiwan’s ruling party of damaging the chances of peaceful unification, as authorities in Beijing attempted to keep the pressure on Taipei a week after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit. 
The Democratic Progressive Party helmed by President Tsai Ing-wen must change course to reduce tensions, the Taiwan Affairs Office in Beijing said, in its first white paper published since President Xi Jinping took power. The report said DPP leaders deepened the dispute by refusing to accept that both sides belong to “one China.”


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