Over the years, the EBONY Power 100 has honored the remarkable achievements of African-Americans across industries and highlights outstanding leaders across a variety of fields and disciplines from business, sports, media, activism and music to entertainment and more. Bloomberg is proud to partner with EBONY on presenting this year’s list and in this special we talk to some of the notable personalities that receive recognition.
Bloomberg Business of Sports lets you follow the money in the world of sports, reporting on trades, salaries, endorsements, contracts and collective bargaining. The show takes listeners inside the business end of the sports world, and explains what it means to fans and their pocketbooks.
I Love Wine transports you to the best winemaking regions of the world
Iran’s Rial Slumps to Record Low Amid Protests, Nuclear Talks
NRA Spending More on Lawyers as Revenue Falls, Membership Lags
Fed Watchers Put ‘Finger in the Air’ and See Rate Peak Above 5%
Charting the Global Economy: Fed, BOE Diverge on Rate-Hike Paths
UK Economists Say BOE Outlook for Deep Recession Is Misleading
Enough Is Enough: Nike Suspends Kyrie Irving Relationship
Biden Feud With Big Oil Ratchets Up Just as World Needs More US Oil
United Suspends Twitter Ads While Other Companies Are Still Undecided
Twitter’s Job Cuts Begin; Musk Decries ‘Massive’ Sales Drop
Wells Fargo Hires Senior Tech Banker Gudofsky From Credit Suisse
How Bolsonaro Took Brazil Up to the Brink, Then Stepped Back
Biden, Trump and Obama Converge on Pennsylvania for Senate Race
Carvana’s 96% Collapse Erases Billions From Father-Son Duo’s Wealth
Musk Says Twitter Can Become the Most Valuable Company in the World
Two Adidas Shareholders Back Puma’s Gulden as Potential New CEO
What Throwing Food on a Van Gogh Gets Right—and Wrong
Democrats Should Be Worried About the Youth Vote
Facebook and Twitter Have Curbed Election Misinformation. Really.
The US Can’t Fight China Alone
US Housing Hit by Spiraling Mortgage Rates as Inflation Persists
El Salvador’s $300 Million Bitcoin ‘Revolution’ Is Failing Miserably
US and China Go From Growing the Pie to Fighting Over Slices
NYC Marathon Will Be as Hot, International and Inclusive as Ever
Britons Face £2 Billion Tab to Heat the UK’s Biggest Houses
EU Warns US of Potential Retaliation in Green Subsidies Dispute
South African Solar Power Company Pays Investors in Crypto
The Enduring Appeal of ‘I Voted’ Stickers
The Beijing Marathon Returns, With Some Covid-Zero Conditions
GOP Seizes On Bail Reform as Weapon to Bash Democrats on Crime
UK Parliament Group Starts NFT Inquiry as Crypto Scrutiny Grows
This Week in Crypto: Elon Musk, Dogecoin, Zimbabwe
Crypto Cowboys Test the Lonestar State’s Grid as Mining Woes Persist
China’s military said exercises held around Taiwan in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit had concluded, while pledging to continue regular patrols near the island. 
The People’s Liberation Army “successfully completed all tasks” set out in exercises last week, Eastern Theater Command spokesman Senior Colonel Shi Yi said Wednesday. The statement ended ambiguity on the status of the drills three days after navigational alerts warning ships and airplanes to avoid six large areas around the island expired. 


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