The Executive Yuan yesterday approved proposed amendments to the Organization Act of the National Taiwan Museum (國立臺灣博物館組織法) and the National Museum of History Organization Act (國立歷史博物館組織法) that would upgrade the administrative level of the National Museum of Taiwan Literature and the National Museum of Taiwan History.
The proposed changes are to be forwarded to the Legislative Yuan.
They are designed to raise the administrative level of the museums from fourth-level to third-level agencies, the Executive Yuan said in a press release yesterday, adding that this would affect their mission, staffing levels and relationship with other government agencies.
Photo: Liu Wan-chun, Taipei Times
The proposed changes would benefit the museums’ work in the preservation, research and promotion of Taiwanese literature and history, Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) said.
The Executive Yuan urged all legislative caucuses to work with the Ministry of Culture to expedite their passage, he said.
In a separate news release, the ministry said that the reorganization of the National Museum of Taiwan History would make it more efficient, strengthen multicultural historical research and bring Taiwanese history to an international audience.
The National Museum of Taiwan History and the National Museum of Taiwan Literature are the only national-level museums dedicated to Taiwanese history and literature, it said.
The museum of history is tasked with the integration of central and local government activities regarding the research and display of Taiwanese history, and the commercial utilization of cultural resources, the ministry added.
The museum of literature facilitates research into Taiwan’s literary history and encourages writers to create new works, with an eye to establishing a literature-based creative industry in Taiwan, it said.
Reiterating the Executive Yuan’s call for lawmakers’ cooperation, the ministry said that the bills would give the museums a much-needed boost to elevate the quality of their work.
The research, education and promotion of Taiwanese history and literature are crucial tasks for the development of soft power, the ministry said.
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