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Perhaps best known for its annual Film Festival, Cannes is a city located on the French Riviera. Receiving some of the country’s finest weather, the city is a vacation hotspot for creatives andartists alike. However, one such local’s chance encounter with art took him down a totally unexpected career path – and he owes it all to skateboarding.
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Florida’s ‘Stop Woke Act’ for Workplaces Blocked by Federal Judge
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Browns’ Deshaun Watson Suspended 11 Games, Fined $5 Million
Elon Musk’s License to Print Money Off Lithium Didn’t Last Long
Billionaire Activist Says Australia Still Lags on Climate Goals
New England Cities Fight Abortion Misinformation With Truth-in-Ads Laws
What Penn Station’s $6 Billion Makeover Means for NYC
The Fight Against Evictions Moves to the Courts
Crypto Firm Hodlnaut Reveals Police Proceedings and Slashes Jobs
Japan’s Largest Online Broker to Shut Crypto Mining in Russia
Banks’ Crypto Exposure Capped by Canadian Regulator in New Rules

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum erased the Sackler family name from the institution, the latest museum to cut ties with the clan, which made billions selling opioids and contributed to a staggering public health crisis in the U.S. 
The Guggenheim’s Center for Arts Education dropped “Sackler” at the beginning of its name in recent weeks, according to web archives that show it listed as recently as April 28. It was removed on or before May 4, the records show.


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