Students from southern Taiwan got to experience the life of a broadcast journalist at this year’s Radio Taiwan International (RTI) summer camp. The camp is held every year at the Radio Taiwan International Museum in Chiayi County. This year’s theme was “SPY X RADIO,” and involved students acting as young spies piecing together information to find the truth. 
Students used DIY bluetooth tools to search for snippets of information, like short audio clips, to complete a full story. This year’s camp included RTI Russian department head Masha Lee and Chinese anchor Wang Yu-wei. 
Lee shared with the students reliable audio and visual sources on the war in Ukraine to help them learn about what the country is going through. Lee says the high levels of disinformation surrounding the conflict make truthful reporting especially important. She also says letting Ukrainians know Taiwan’s support for them is her responsibility as an international broadcaster. 
This year’s camp also included activities like making DIY bluetooth speakers and encouraging the students to use critical thinking to design broadcasting tools. The camp’s organizers hope these activities can help nurture the next generation of broadcasters
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