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Insight and analysis of top stories from our award winning magazine “Bloomberg Businessweek”.
Oil theft known as “bunkering” and the refining that comes with it are sickening and killing Nigerians living amid the pollution. It’s also creating one of the world’s most severe ecological disasters.
Balwani Denied Request to Join Bid by Holmes for a New Theranos Trial
Toilet Paper Is Going to Get Worse. Blame Russia
Citi’s $500 Million Win Holds, With Revlon Lenders Denied Review
London’s Real Estate Market Takes Hit With UK Economy Roiled
European Court Tells Swiss to End Discrimination Against Men
Microsoft Unveils App To Help Hybrid Workforce Decide When to Go Into the Office
Google’s Pixel Phone and Watch Are Best Apple Alternatives Yet
Former NSO CEO, Ex-Austrian Chancellor Start Cyber Firm
The Supreme Court Has a Prince Super Fan and It’s Clarence Thomas
Meloni Is Eyeing Giorgetti for Italy’s Finance Minister Post
Ken Griffin Makes First Donation in Miami Since Moving Citadel
Boaz Weinstein Predicts Years of Market Worry: ‘We’re in a Fog’
Andrea Bocelli Sues Air Charter Company Over Old, Noisy Jet
Review: Noah Kahan Summons Stick Season And Nostalgia
DeFi Discovers New Market Manipulations
Inflation Hasn’t Knocked Down Consumer Goods Groups Yet
An NYU Professor Got Fired. Then Everyone Missed the Point.
Land Is Power, and the Osage Nation Is Buying Theirs Back
Twitter Faces Only Bad Outcomes If the $44 Billion Musk Deal Closes
Biden Is Walking a Tightrope as the World Clamors for US Oil and Gas
Minority Farmers’ Lawsuit Claims US Reneged on Loan-Relief Plan
Home Depot Philadelphia Store to Vote on Unionizing in First for Chain
Buyout Giants Draw More Than 200 Investors to a Key ESG Effort
Greenland Ice Sheet May Be More Vulnerable to Climate Change, Study Finds
US Cities Are Preparing for an Impending Recession, Survey Shows
NYC Congestion Pricing ‘Comes at the Expense’ of New Jersey
An Amsterdam Jail Becomes a Bed of Gardens and Condos
Crypto Is Unlikely to Replace Traditional Money, Fed’s Barr Says
Crypto Winter Claims High Profile C-Suite Execs
Washington, D.C., Is Starting to Crack Down on Crypto


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