There are countless ways Singaporeans enjoy our tea, from a mug of classic teh tarik to a cup of refreshing bubble tea.
And, apparently, according to FamilyMart Taiwan, if you like it spicy, you can try their "Singapore flavour" pepper milk tea, part of their recently-launched range of Southeast Asia-themed food and drinks.
The convenience store chain announced the launch on Facebook on May 6, sharing that it was meant to "evoke beautiful memories" of its customers' past travels to Southeast Asia.
The food and beverage line is a special collaboration with Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh, which started in Singapore in the 1950s and later expanded to China and Taiwan.
So perhaps that explains the pepper milk tea (NT$38 or S$1.77) and pepper ice cream (NT$49).
According to FamilyMart, the milk tea, which comes in a carton emblazoned with "Singapore flavour", contains "top-quality" white pepper.

As for the ice cream, it's said to feature the aroma of pepper and garlic, along with pepper biscuits and white chocolate which add a flavourful crunch.
The line also includes more conventional, albeit not particularly Southeast Asian, items such as bak kut teh noodles (NT$99), cold noodles with minced pork (NT$79), "Malay-style" fried noodles with tomato sauce and prawn (NT$99) and bak kut teh-flavoured crackers (NT$30).
In particular, the pepper milk tea caught the attention of Singaporean netizens when it was posted on the Facebook page Singapore Atrium Sale.
Unsurprisingly, most were perplexed, and some even floated creative ideas on how the R&D process for the drink might have gone.
In any case, with travel restrictions loosening in the region, how about skipping the FamilyMart meals and making a trip down to Southeast Asia for some more authentic flavours?
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