There are some things that every traveler should check out during their first time visiting the great city of Taipei.
Taipei is Taiwan’s bustling capital and largest city. A combination of indigenous Taiwanese culture with the majority Han Chinese population and the influence of European and Japanese colonists make this island nation a unique spot in the world. This metropolis is teeming with night markets offering mouth-watering street food, architectural wonders, and fantastic shopping. Many of Taipei’s top tourist sites are completely free, for example, the city’s temples and jaw-droppingly beautiful parks. That means visitors will have more cash to spend on trinkets at the night markets and shops offering cutting-edge fashion in the Ximending area.
After a long flight to Taiyuan International Airport, travelers can take Taipei’s metro, the MRT, into the city. The rail system carries visitors to the heart of this metropolis–Taipei Main Station in the Zhongzheng District. Tourists planning day trips out of the city should find a hotel in this neighborhood since the Zhongzheng District has the best transportation connection anywhere in Taipei. High-speed trains can zip them to the country’s other locales and the MRT connects this district to every other area of the city.
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Here, visitors will discover stately government buildings like the presidential palace. They can see the historic city gates and walls, built in the 1700s. Museums and universities dot this district.
Top Zhongzheng Sites:
National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall – This is a museum dedicated to a former Chinese president. Visitors here especially enjoy watching the elaborate changing of the guard ceremony, the stunning arches, and the beautiful surrounding park.
Gongguan Night Market – This night market is the perfect place to try Taiwanese street food like stinky tofu and buy trinkets. Students from nearby universities are the most frequent patrons here.
Huashan 1914 Creative Park – The city transformed an old winery into art galleries, coffee shops, gift stores, and a park. It’s a fun area to explore. Many of the art shows require an admission fee.
The Wanhua District has incredible contrasts between modern and historic as well as superficial and spiritual. Shoppers looking for a fashion mecca will love the Ximending neighborhood in the northern part of the Wanhua District. This is Taipei’s trendiest area with a huge Japanese influence. Travelers here will also enjoy participating in the booming nightlife.
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A bit to the south, though, in the center of the Wanhua District, visitors can explore the city’s highest concentration of temples. These intricately built structures offer people a peaceful place to reflect on existence and enjoy religious artwork.
Temples To Visit:
Travelers who visit Taipei’s temples should remember that these are places of worship. People can enjoy them for their beautiful decor but must be respectful of others who are practicing their religion.
Wanhua’s Historical Sites:
Night Markets:
Xinyi is an affluent area of Taipei with modern shopping centers, skyscrapers, and top-notch restaurants. Taipei 101, one of the world’s tallest buildings, is the crown jewel of this district. The observatory at the top of this tower provides breathtaking views of the city. Although the $22 USD admission fee may seem a little steep, the experience is definitely worth it to ride one of the world’s fastest elevators to the 101st floor. After enjoying the view, sightseers must try some soupy dumplings, called xiao long bao, at the famous Taipei 101 branch of the Din Tai Fung restaurant chain.
At the same time, this Xinyi’s Elephant Mountain in Xiangshan Park offers hiking trails and respite from the rat race of the city. There, travelers can hike to the park’s tallest point. Along the trail, they can stop at observation areas offering prime views of Taipei’s skyline, including Taipei 101. The leisurely walk should last around an hour and a half. The natural surroundings will make people forget that they’re visiting a city with a population of over seven million.
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