Taiwan, a country currently battling with its first significant covid wave, plans to announce changes to entry restrictions in June.

The country’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) and top health official announced that there would be plans to ease entries to the country, as there are no more imported cases (percentage-wise) than domestic.
It is unclear what these changes will be, but it appears that business travelers are those first welcomed to enter without lengthy quarantines.
The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) yesterday said a policy for reopening national borders to business travelers was being discussed with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and “would be announced soon.”
As many countries are reopening to restore economic stability, and Taiwan has lost out on many international investment and business opportunities during the pandemic, the policy for reopening to business travelers would be announced soon, he said.
With Taiwan experiencing a COVID-19 infection rate similar to that around the world, at around 6 percent, it will be reasonable to ease border controls given that the risk of contracting the disease in Taiwan or overseas is basically the same, Chen said.
Chen said the CECC had held discussions with the Ministry of Economic Affairs on the easing of border controls and will soon involve the tourism sector for related talks, with details likely to be announced in June.
Given that countries around the world are reopening borders, Chen explained, it is important for Taiwan to consider similar measures in order to stay competitive economically.

Taiwan started to have its first significant COVID wave in April but is plateaued recently.
There aren’t many countries still closed in Asia, where I am currently.
China’s are not reopening anytime soon (Mainland, Hong Kong & Macao), as they try to reach zero covid, but there are some hopes that Japan will welcome visitors sometime this fall (the tour group plans won’t work).
Let’s hope that Taiwan announces a sensible reopening plan in June to allow quarantine free entry to fully vaccinated visitors.
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