Taiwan hopes to obtain a permit to export sugar apples to Japan by the end of this year, the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine said on Tuesday.
The Council of Agriculture has applied for the permit as part of its efforts to diversify Taiwan’s export markets after Beijing banned imports of sugar apples, wax apples and pineapples from Taiwan, the bureau said.
Agricultural officials started to focus on Japan as a potential market after Taiwanese pineapples were received well by local consumers, while Singapore is another possible market, it said.
Photo: Yang Yuan-ting, Taipei Times
Taiwanese researchers have developed a proprietary flash-freezing technology especially to export sugar apples, the bureau said, adding that the technology is being released to the private sector.
The council has filed an application to export fresh and frozen sugar apples, and is awaiting approval, it said.
The bureau has sent documents regarding produce certificates and pest and disease control to its Japanese counterpart, it added.
In Japan, fresh fruits from regions affected by Oriental fruit flies must be sterilized by the country of origin before they are allowed into Japan, it said.
The council’s researchers have carried out experiments to determine whether freeze or steam sterilization worked better on sugar apples, and settled on the latter, the bureau said.
Steam sterilization would also be used for Taiwanese mangoes and lychees marked for Japan, which could eliminate the need for Japan to send officials to Taiwan to conduct inspections, it said.
Japan is an important buyer of Taiwanese mangoes, lychees, grapes, pomeloes, papayas and ponkan oranges, it said.
Taiwanese officials have been carrying out inspections of these fruits since 2020 due to COVID-19 travel restrictions between the countries, it said.
The majority of parents surveyed in northern Taiwan favor the suspension of all on-site classes at schools from the junior-high level and below amid a surge in domestic COVID-19 infections, parent groups said yesterday. About 84.4 percent of respondents in a survey of 2,912 parents in northern Taiwan, where the outbreak is the most serious, said they supported suspending classes, the Action Alliance on Basic Education, the Taiwan Parents Protect Women and Children Association, and the Taiwan Love Children Association said. The groups distributed questionnaires to parents in New Taipei City, Taipei, Keelung, Taoyuan and Hsinchu city and county from Saturday morning
‘LONE WOLF’: The suspect was difficult to locate, as he did not use a cellphone, did not contact family and often lived in abandoned sites or parks, police said Taipei police on Thursday morning arrested a man accused of numerous burglaries and at least 14 incidents of sexual assault spanning more than 20 years, in what might be the nation’s most notorious crime spree in recent years. Sixty-year-old Tu Ming-lang (涂明朗) — who was yesterday placed in judicial detention, after a judge determined he was a flight risk without a fixed address — faces multiple charges of sexual assault and burglary, police said. A task force comprised of various law enforcement agencies arrested Tu as part of an investigation into an April 28 burglary in Daan District (大安), in which a
ASEAN BATTLEGROUND: Japan and Australia could be drawn into Pacific tensions as China sets its sights on the Diaoyutai Islands and further beyond the first island chain Tensions between China and the US in the Indo-Pacific region are expected to intensify, the National Security Bureau and Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, recommending that Taiwan continue to emphasize its shared values and interests to encourage resistance to Chinese aggression. US commitments in the Indo-Pacific region are expected to continue unabated despite the war in Ukraine, as Beijing takes advantage of the conflict to expand its influence in the region, the agencies said in reports delivered to the legislature’s Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee on Sunday, ahead of a hearing yesterday on regional developments and trends. Although Russia’s invasion of
ONLINE REPORT: Confirmed cases filling out the online contact tracing report can check a box to indicate that a close contact had received a booster dose, an official said The guidelines for diagnosing COVID-19 have been revised to include people aged 65 or older who test positive with a rapid test that is confirmed by a healthcare worker, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) said yesterday, as it reported 65,794 new local infections. The CECC had first announced the change on Monday, before publishing the new guidelines. Starting today, people aged 65 or older, regardless of whether they are undergoing home quarantine, home isolation or self-disease prevention, can be classified as a confirmed COVID-19 case by a healthcare professional, based on a positive result from an antigen rapid test, said


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