Taoyuan has for five consecutive years been the least visited city by domestic travelers among the nation’s six special municipalities, the Tourism Bureau said.
Only 6.3 percent of trips made by Taiwanese in 2020 were to Taoyuan, the bureau said, citing a survey published in September last year.
Kaohsiung was the second least visited city, with 8.6 percent of trips, while Taipei and Tainan each were the destinations of 9.2 percent of domestic trips, the bureau said.
Taichung was the destination of 11.3 percent of trips, while New Taipei City accounted for 11.7 percent, it said.
Taoyuan does not feature many experiences that Taiwanese enjoy, the Taoyuan Department of Budget, Accounting and Statistics said in its annual audit report for last year.
The report said the top five destinations in the survey were cities that promote outdoor experiences, urban travel, natural scenic spots, water activities and luxury camping, dubbed “glamping.”
The Taoyuan City Government should improve the city’s hiking trails to attract visitors during the post-COVID-19 era, it said, adding that travel survey results should be used as a reference for marketing local tourism.
However, Taoyuan has seen the largest increase in tourists among the six special municipalities, Lee Fu-hua (李復華), a specialist member of the Taoyuan Department of Tourism committee, said on Thursday.
Taiwanese only paid about 9 million visits to Taoyuan in 2018, but the number rose to about 20 million in 2020, Lee said.
The city introduced measures to promote tourism, including subsidies to tour groups and cooperation with travel agencies to organize special itineraries, Lee said.
It also held a variety of events to draw tourists, such as the Bean Curd Festival in Dasi District (大溪), the Longgang Rice Noodle Festival, the Northern Cross-Island Travel Festival and Halloween City, Lee added.
AT LARGE: The officers were found with wounds likely caused by a machete or broad knife. The suspect is believed to have one of their guns A nationwide alert has been issued to apprehend a man suspected of killing two police officers in Tainan yesterday. The two officers, from Tainan Second Precinct’s Minchuan Police Station, were Tu Ming-cheng, 36, and Tsao Jui-chieh (曹瑞傑), 27, Tainan City Police Chief Fang Yang-ning (方仰寧) told a news conference yesterday afternoon. Yesterday morning, they responded to a report of a stolen red motorcycle, and took off in a police cruiser in pursuit of the suspect, Chen Wei-chieh (陳偉捷), 25, Fang said. Another officer from the station followed on a motorcycle, and placed an emergency call after finding his colleges lying on the ground
Nearly 80 percent of Taiwanese aged 54 or older have at least one chronic disease, while almost 70 percent of people 65 or older have at least two, the Health Promotion Administration said on Thursday. The figures are from the agency’s Taiwan Longitudinal Study on Aging, which has tracked more than 4,000 middle-aged to elderly people since 2019. It showed that 77.1 percent of people aged 54 or older had at least one chronic disease. Among study participants aged 65 or older, 19.7 percent had one chronic disease, 21.5 percent had two, 16.7 percent had three, 13.2 percent had four and 15.9
‘3+11’: The CECC had followed procedure in arriving at a decision on the quarantine policy, a Control Yuan report said, while recommending regulatory amendments The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) yesterday reported 26,095 new local COVID-19 cases, an increase of 13.9 percent from last week, and predicted that total caseloads this week could rise by about 10 percent. New Taipei City had the most cases at 5,258, followed by Taipei with 3,189, Taichung with 3,038, Taoyuan with 2,673, Kaohsiung with 2,179, Tainan with 1,650 and Changhua County with 1,132, CECC data showed. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Deputy Director-General Philip Lo (羅一鈞), deputy head of the CECC’s medical response division, reported 28 moderate-to-severe cases, which is the lowest daily number since May 3. Among the 16 deceased
FOR EXPERTS, STUDENTS: People should be allowed to see free and open Taiwan for themselves, especially as many are concerned for the nation’s safety, a lawmaker said Taiwan should quickly reopen its borders for East Asian political experts and Chinese-language students so that they can see the free and open country for themselves, a delegation from the University of Tokyo’s cross-strait relations research group told President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) at a meeting at the Presidential Office yesterday. Some members of the delegation comprising Japanese and Taiwanese researchers had to obtain visas in advance, as Taiwan has not reinstated a visa-waiver program for Japanese that was suspended early in the COVID-19 pandemic, said politics professor Yasuhiro Matsuda, who led the delegation. Like Japan, Taiwan is grappling with how


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