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The Biden administration insists it’s not focused on geopolitical competition, but its new document is full of references to Russia and China.
But the Kremlin “doesn’t actually want an arms race” with Washington, experts say.
Finland’s envoy to Washington once shared a sauna with the Russian president. Here’s what he thinks the West got wrong about Vladimir Putin.
More than 70,000 Afghans who worked for the United States are still waiting for visas—unless the Taliban get to them first.
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1. In a referendum boycotted by opposition groups, Tunisians approved a new constitution earlier this week that dramatically expands the power of the country’s president.
What is the Tunisian president’s name?
Hichem Mechichi
Rached Ghannouchi
Abir Moussi
Kais Saied
2. On Tuesday, who became the first foreign leader to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping since February, when Xi welcomed dignitaries attending Beijing’s Winter Olympics?
Indonesian President Joko Widodo
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Russian President Vladimir Putin
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
Xi has avoided diplomatic travel since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.
3. Which country did Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visit this week, marking his first trip to a European Union member state since the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi nearly four years ago?
4. What is the capital of Uzbekistan, which played host to a series of major meetings among regional leaders this week?
One set of meetings was a conference with the Taliban, where Afghanistan’s neighbors expressed concern about rising terrorism, FP’s Lynne O’Donnell writes.
5. Tensions have flared between Beijing and Washington over which U.S. politician’s plans to visit Taiwan in August?
President Joe Biden
Former President Donald Trump
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin
6. Alejandro Giammattei—who became the first Latin American president to visit his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, in Kyiv, Ukraine, this week—is the president of which country?
El Salvador
7. What is the westernmost country in continental Africa, which holds parliamentary elections on Sunday?
Ivory Coast
Senegal’s democratic backsliding threatens democracy across the continent, Danielle Resnick writes.
8. Which proportion of low-income countries are currently at a “high risk of debt distress,” according to the International Monetary Fund?
85 percent
60 percent
39 percent
10 percent
9. What is the name of the Russian state energy company that reduced gas deliveries to Europe this week?
Moscow said the reduction was due to technical difficulties, but the EU argued the move was politically motivated.
10. Which world leader did Ukrainian digital petitioners recently request as their new prime minister?
Former U.S. President Barack Obama
Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel
Outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili
The petition, which gained thousands of signatures, lauded the British leader—who recently announced his resignation over a series of scandals—for his “clear position against the military invasion of Ukraine, [and] wisdom in the political, financial and legal spheres.”
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Nina Goldman is a deputy copy editor at Foreign Policy. Twitter: @goldmannk
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