The United States has decided to strengthen its position in Asia as US Air Force B-1B bombers landed in Guam. According to the White House, the decision to send the long-range aircraft was taken due to the ongoing tension in Taiwan and the nuclear tests conducted by North Korea. 
“It is … meant to send a message that the United States stands closely with its allies and partners to deter potential provocation,” Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Pat Ryder told reporters. 
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The US Air Force also confirmed that this is a temporary deployment as part of the “bomber task force” mission. “The bombers’ presence is also aimed at demonstrating that the United States has the capability to conduct global operations at any time”, General Ryder added according to AFP. 
The bombers will take part in several training missions in the region. According to the US Air Force, the missions “play a critical role in deterring potential adversaries and challenging their decision calculus”. 
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“The B-1 is an especially capable platform in this region, being able to travel large distances and bear significant firepower with precision and standoff munitions,” Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Mount, of the 37th Bomb Squadron, said in the statement when asked about the bombers in Guam. 
Since the visit of US Vice President Kamala Harris, nuclear tests from North Korea have been taking place regularly and one of the ballistic missiles flew over Japan prompting evacuations in some places. 
The US has also faced criticism from China as several diplomats visited Taiwan in the past few months. 


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