January 20, 2020

Gangnam-gu, South Korea
Fine Dust :

People wait in line at the Gimpo International Airport to check-in for their flights on Oct. 11, the first day visa-free travel to Japan was resumed. [YONHAP]
Korea reports 35,924 new Covid-19 cases on Friday
In many Korean murders, it’s all in the family
Extradition review requested for suspect in New Zealand deaths
[INTERVIEW] Antivirals are unsung heroes of pandemic, says Lewin
Police promise strengthened safety precautions in Itaewon for Halloween
Korean airline shares surge as Japan announces easing of entry regulations
Koreans rush to return to Japan as borders are opened
Visitors from Japan, Taiwan, Macau can enter Korea visa-free in August
Korean travelers grab first chance to return to Japan
Visa-free tourists being allowed back to Jeju, Yangyang
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