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Insight and analysis of top stories from our award winning magazine “Bloomberg Businessweek”.
Ramon Abbas perfected a simple internet scam that helped him launder millions of dollars, riches he shamelessly flaunted on Instagram. Better known as @Hushpuppi, the young Nigerian became a fixture among the global elite as fashion houses showered him with gifts. But his fame would ultimately be his downfall
Bank of Canada Plans to Add Outsider to Rate-Setting Council
Covid Test Expired? You May Still Have Time to Use It
Peloton Tumbles After Bleak Forecast Casts Doubt on Comeback
Geely Premium EV Brand Zeekr Is Exploring IPO Options, Sources Say
Plug Power Surges on Amazon Deal to Supply Green Hydrogen
Omicron’s Mutations Impaired Vaccine Effectiveness, CDC Says
Lula Seeks to Win Over Brazil’s Middle-Class Voters as Support Stalls
Hedge Fund Sculptor Calls Founder’s Lawsuit ‘Full of Falsehoods’
Mexico Is Top Google Search for American Vacation-Home Seekers
Chinese Expats Looking for Safety, Luxury Apartments Turn to Ehomie
NFL News Dominates Headlines, Even During the Offseason
Some Free Brokers Are Cheaper Than Others
Don’t Read This! You’ve Read Too Much on Jackson Hole.
Did Congress Really Rebuff the Supreme Court on Climate Rule?
Hope You Enjoyed the Summer Rally
How Deadly Bacteria Spread in a Similac Factory—and Caused the US Formula Shortage
The Future of Shipping Is … Sails?
London Underwriter Wins Swiss Re Suit After Boss Leered at Her
Toronto Shelter Says One-Third of Its Residents Are Students
London Students Pull Ahead in Key Exams, Widening UK’s Education Gap
Desert Flooding Damages Los Angeles to Phoenix Highway
Europe’s Record Heat Wave Will Be Summer Norm by 2035
To Combat Crime, Houston Calls for Mandatory Video Surveillance
Even Schools Flush With Cash Can’t Keep Up With Teacher Shortage
Cities Brace for This Season’s Colliding Climate Disasters
Cboe Is Teaming With Virtu, Jane Street to Build Crypto Business
Crypto Volatility Seen Leading to Purge of ‘Merge Frontrunners’
The Highs and Lows of Being a Bitcoin Maximalist


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