The New School for Democracy yesterday said it would hold the person who vandalized a replica of the Pillar of Shame sculpture accountable and demand an apology from them.
The original sculpture, created by Danish artist Jens Galschiot, was installed at the University of Hong Kong for 23 years before authorities destroyed it on Dec. 22 last year for allegedly contravening Hong Kong’s National Security Law.
With the artist’s approval, a replica was made and unveiled at a memorial in Taipei for the 33rd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4. It is now part of an exhibition held by the New School for Democracy in remembrance of the 1989 democratic uprising in China.
Photo Courtesy of the New School for Democracy
At 8:55am yesterday, black paint was found sprayed across the pillar. After reviewing surveillance footage in the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, the Taipei City Police Department’s Zhongheng First Precinct identified and arrested a suspect.
New School for Democracy chairman Tseng Chien-yuan (曾建元) said that previous Tiananmen Square memorial events have been disrupted by similar incidents, adding that a mentally disabled person was once told to knock down an artwork on display.
Yesterday’s incident was meant as a warning to Taiwanese that they should not discuss the incident, Tseng said, adding that “if they succeed in silencing Taiwanese, they could silence Chinese around the world.”
The political rights group said in statement that it condemns all forms of violence, whether it be the Tiananmen Square Massacre in Beijing, the destruction of the Pillar of Shame last year in Hong Kong or the defacement of the 3D-printed Pillar of Shame replica in Taipei, and would never compromise on the matter.
“We will insist on pursuing legal and political responsibility for the perpetrator and their accomplices, and demand an apology,” it said.
“The act of vandalism not only destroys the artwork, but also supports all atrocities and crimes against humanity. It also challenges Taiwan’s constitutional order that guarantees creativity, freedom of thought and freedom of assembly,” it added.
Hacktivist collective Anonymous yesterday claimed to have hacked the Chinese Ministry of Emergency Management and a Beijing-based private satellite operator in retaliation for a Wikipedia edit war the hackers said was part of a Chinese influence operation. The cyberattacks on Saturday compromised the menu page of the content management system for the ministry’s Web site, enabling the hackers to vandalize 19 pages and deface seven forums with images, the Taiwan News Web site yesterday quoted Anonymous representative “Allez-opi_omi” as saying. The group also claimed to have hacked three pages of MinoSpace Technology’s Web site. The Web sites were altered to display images of
TORTURE, DEATH: Victims were allegedly beaten with clubs, drugged and handcuffed after answering ads for work that led to forced withdrawals from their bank accounts The head of a criminal ring that allegedly tortured 58 people and killed three others has been arrested and the victims freed, Taoyuan authorities said yesterday. Police arrested Chen Wei-hua (陳樺韋), 37, in Taoyuan’s Gueishan District (龜山) at about 11pm on Friday, and seized NT$520,000 (US$16,157) in cash at his residence, they said. Forensic investigators determined that Chen was running a human trafficking ring that engaged in kidnapping, torture and extortion, authorities said. Sixteen others believed to be a part of the organization were also arrested, they said. Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) said that the arrests followed swift efforts by police. “These arrests required diligence,
IN THE DARK: Poor public communication left many people learning about the PLA military exercises online, which was rife with disinformation, a think tank report said China’s military exercises around Taiwan earlier this year showed that intelligence and public affairs mechanisms need to be revised, a defense think tank said. The Center for Peace and Security at the Taipei School of Economics and Political Science Foundation on Thursday last week published a report in Chinese and English analyzing the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) exercises around Taiwan following US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit in early August. The report compared the PLA’s exercises to the third Taiwan Strait crisis 26 years ago, finding them similar in their unprecedented provocation, but significantly worse in terms of scale,
There is no indication that Taiwan is physically moving away from China, the Central Weather Bureau said on Wednesday, after people on social media said that GPS data showed Taiwan moving east. The Earth’s mantle is exerting pressure on the Eurasian Plate, the Philippine Sea Plate and the Pacific Plate, gradually changing the shape of Taiwan proper, bureau Director-General Cheng Ming-dean (鄭明典) said. However, he said the nation is not moving east from the vantage point of the Eurasian Plate, on which China lies. The Pacific Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate subduct into the mantle under the Central Mountain Range, while the


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