Some of Taiwan’s foremost politicians, tech entrepreneurs, and artists came together on Tuesday to celebrate the opening of an art space that will combine the latest in audio-visual technology with the creativity of Taiwanese artists. It aims to help the latter gain as much global recognition as the former has.
After a year in the making, the first immersive digital art space combining 5G and 4K projection technology – AMBI SPACE ONE – opened on the 5th floor of Taipei 101 on Tuesday. Taiwan’s Culture Minister Lee Yung-te, alongside artists and representatives from the tech industry, attended the opening ceremony.
AMBI SPACE ONE was set up by Ambi Space Inc., which is a product of cooperation between tech giant Acer’s founder Stan Shih and Franz Collection founder Chen Li-heng. It aims to bring together the worlds of art and technology. Taiwanese manufacturer Delta Electronics supplied 43 powerful, high-resolution projectors. Those were used to create an immersive visual space, with a resolution equivalent to 64K, plus additional 24K on the floor. 
Additionally, Chunghwa Telecom provided enterprise-grade 5G and MEC equipment, allowing for fast speed, low latency networking. Audio equipment completes the personalized, immersive experience.
Stan Shih said at the opening ceremony that AMBI SPACE ONE uses 4K projectors only because there is currently no content suitable for 8K devices. He called Taiwan a technology island, at the cutting edge of global engineering, and said that Taiwanese art should also take to the international stage. AMBI SPACE ONE will allow artists and tech entrepreneurs to cooperate and experiment before the ‘metaverse’ becomes a reality. Shih says Taiwan doesn’t lack talent, it lacks stages. He hopes art and technology will mix on this stage, delivering new experiences to audiences.
Minister Lee said that the Taiwan Creative Content Agency, which operates under his ministry, will participate and invest in similar platforms in the future. He believes Taiwan can develop its own brand of immersive digital content.
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