The gorgeous green challah that tastes as good as it looks.
Both my Taiwanese culture and my Jewish culture have a wide variety of great and distinct flavors and cuisines. This is why I started developing recipes that combine elements from both.
Challah is the first Jewish bread I learned how to make. I started with a friend’s family recipe and then was introduced to several unique variations out there, and they were all a bit different in terms of texture, techniques, or flavors. So when I started developing fusion recipes, challah was one of the first things that came to my mind.
Among all the flavors in East Asian desserts, matcha is one of my favorites. Matcha has so many amazing combos to pair with other staple Asian ingredients and I love them all. The rich and deep earthy umami flavor balances any sweetness seamlessly and effortlessly make any dessert so elegantly enjoyable.
This Matcha Honey Challah is great for either Rosh Hashanah or any regular Shabbat. The gorgeous green color when slicing the bread open is always a pleasant surprise to all of my guests. In the recipe, it calls for matcha honey, I use that only because my local honey guy has the most amazing matcha honey, but any regular honey works here. The quality of the matcha powder also plays an important role in how vibrant the green is, but regardless of the shade of the green, it’s a very elegant and pretty challah to put on your dining table.
Note: This recipe is best made using a scale with the gram measurements, but we have provided the closest cup and spoon equivalents for those that don’t have a scale.
Yield: 1 loaf
About the Author
Jamie Wei
The kitchen is my comfort place. Creating food is my way of meditating. Cooking and baking keeps me grounded and provides me with a sense of peace. I was born and raised in Taiwan, east asian flavors are what I grew up eating and making. When I moved to America I expanded beyond Taiwanese cuisine and cooking methods, I started working through a lot of cookbooks, mostly middle eastern and Jewish. I was fascinated by the foreign flavors, spices, and cooking techniques. I love coming up with foods that combine the Asian flavors I grew up on with different foods from different cultures. Dishes that can bring back memories but also have a touch of novelty that creates a wow at first bite. This motivates and inspires me to create all these recipes.
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