TAIPEI, Oct. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On October 3rd, Taiwan's first global English streaming platform, TaiwanPlus, launched a TV channel in Taiwan accompanied by a 24/7 YouTube live stream of the channel's content. TaiwanPlus is currently under the management of the Taiwan Public Television Service (PTS) and the Taiwan Broadcasting System (TBS). TaiwanPlus seeks to provide public service through the TV channel, offering Taiwanese and international audiences to enjoy a range of English-language news and programming centering Taiwan's history, culture, and stories, right here in Taiwan. 
To celebrate the event, a channel launch ceremony was held in PTS' studio, including a live performance by indigenous Taiwanese singer, Suming, an overview of TaiwanPlus's achievements from the first year, introduction of the news anchors and upcoming programs. Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen, Premier Su Tseng-chang, Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te, and senior members of the foreign diplomatic community, representing European Union, France, India, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States were all present to celebrate the milestone.  
President Tsai Ing-Wen expressed her appreciation for Taiwan's progress in developing the nation's international presence and the importance of Taiwan's global engagement. "Since its founding last August, TaiwanPlus has raised Taiwan's international profile through its commitment to share Taiwan's perspective." President Tsai also further stated, "with more and more people around the world taking an interest in Taiwan, it is more important than ever that we have a platform to bring Taiwan to the international community." She also stressed, "In addition to international outreach, TaiwanPlus plays a key role in our Bilingual 2030 policy by providing the Taiwanese public with high-quality English language programming on topics close to home." 
Premier Su Tseng-chang also echoed the vital role of having "a channel for sharing Taiwan's voice to the world. With TaiwnPlus's TV Channel launch, the world can learn more about the moving stories from Taiwan." 
Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te shared that the TV channel launch of TaiwanPlus, as an English public media, took Taiwan twenty years, which is a milestone for the nation. In his remarks, Lee wished to see the TaiwanPlus channel on TV screens in North America in the next six months. He also stressed the importance to grooming international media talent for Taiwan.  
Taiwan Broadcasting System Chairman Hu Yuan-hui said that he was very pleased to have TaiwanPlus join Taiwan's public media (TBS), and he believed that public media is one of the best ways to interact with the world.  

TaiwanPlus Acting CEO Michael Yu announced that the platform's TV channel will feature 9 daily news segments, as well as including in-depth interview on current events, features on Taiwan's local culture, and travel programs highlighting the nation's environment and cuisine. "Our program, 'Happy Fisherman' and '10 Fun Facts About The Golden Horse Awards,' are nominated by Asian Academy Creative Awards," shared by Yu, "We are developing our audience base both at home and abroad, and continuing to bring Taiwan's stories to the world."  
After two years of covid restrictions, Taiwan recently announced plans to drop a longstanding quarantine requirement for arrivals and resume visa-free entry for several countries. As visitors begin to explore Taiwan in person once again, TaiwanPlus continues to act as a comprehensive English-language resource for understanding the diverse nation's history, news, and local culture.  
The full slate of programming is available for free at   
About TaiwanPlus 
TaiwanPlus is the premier international media platform providing English-language news and entertainment from Taiwan, at the heart of the most dynamic and fastest growing region on earth.   
Based in a thriving democracy, we offer independent and impartial daily news. Our team of Taiwanese and international journalists reports on stories from Taiwan that resonate around the world. From our unique position at the nexus of geopolitics and international trade, TaiwanPlus provides an inside look at TaiwanChina relations, with in-depth reporting and analysis. 
We showcase Taiwan's unique culture and lifestyle, offering some of the nation's best food, travel, music and entertainment programming, via TaiwanPlus originals and selections from the Taiwan Broadcasting System.   
From short features to full-length movies, we curate world-class content from Taiwan, available on social media, a tailor-made APP, and a brand-new 24-hour TV channel. Wherever you are, whatever your device – TaiwanPlus is there.   
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