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Many people are surprised to learn that Brisbane is a multicultural city. In fact, it’s one of the most culturally diverse cities in Australia; it’s home to over 140 different nationalities. With so many different cultures and people living side by side, it makes sense that Brisbane also offers an abundance of Asian restaurants. You can find authentic East Asian, South East Asian and even South Asian food all around the city. If you love Asian food or are unfamiliar with these cuisines and want to try something new, then we’ve compiled a list of some must-try places that will satisfy any craving you might have.
Madame Wu is a modern Asian fusion restaurant in the heart of Brisbane. Located in Riparian Plaza, it’s within walking distance of the CBD and has ample parking options.
The décor at Madame Wu is elegant and sophisticated with clean lines and impressive attention to detail. There are plenty of tables available for your group, but if you prefer to have a quiet meal for two or four people, there are also private dining rooms available. The restaurant has an extensive menu with everything from dumplings to lamb breasts so you won’t be disappointed no matter what your taste buds are craving!
Madame Wu also has an exciting list of drinks, including signature cocktails, local wines and beers from around the world. It also offers non-alcoholic beverages like sweet and sour lemonade or hibisco cooler if that’s more up your alley — whatever suits your mood!
Chu The Phat is a vibrant and contemporary restaurant and bar that has been designed with an Asian influence in mind. Chu The Phat is located at Fish Lane dining precinct in South Brisbane and has an extensive menu with flavours from Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan.
The Chu The Phat team has created a modern dining space that gives off an authentic Asian vibe through its traditional facade and authentic interior design.
Mr Wabi is a modern Asian fusion restaurant located on Burnett Lane. Considered one of the best Asian restaurants in Brisbane, it is known for its sophisticated street food, eclectic cocktails, tap beer and boutique wine. The interior design of this restaurant features local street art which creates an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere while you enjoy your meal.
If you’re craving Asian cuisine, Mr Wabi does not disappoint! The menu is extensive and contains dishes like creamy garlic king prawns, bao buns, Peking duck spring roll with hoisin sauce and more! If you’re feeling adventurous then why not try their signature dish Mr Wabi – Whole Peking Duck? It’s a must-try!
Happy Boy is one of the most authentic Chinese restaurants in Brisbane. Located along East Street in Fortitude Valley, Happy Boy offers a wide selection of wok cooking from Southern China and Hong Kong. The restaurant is large, with a banqueting hall that can seat up to 140 people.
The drinks menu at Happy Boy has an extensive list of alcoholic beverages, including beers and wines from Australia, New Zealand and Europe, as well as spirits like whiskey, gin, vodka and rum. 
There’s also an extensive takeaway menu so you can enjoy their delicious food at home!
If you want to experience great Asian cuisine, this is the place. Donna Chang has a reputation for serving authentic Cantonese cuisine and Sichuan flavours in a luxurious setting. The restaurant is located in Adina Apartment Hotel on George Street, so it’s easy to get to by public transport or even your own car if you don’t mind parking fees.
Donna Chang offers private dining rooms that can accommodate parties as small as 6 people or as large as 20 guests! If you have something special planned with your family or friends, this is the perfect venue for it.
Fat Noodle is a stylish, modern Asian fusion restaurant located at the top of Queen Street Mall at Treasury Casino and Hotel. It offers an array of delicious dishes, but it’s specialty is pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup. The 20-hour Fat Pho Noodles are popular with both locals and tourists alike, thanks to their mouth-watering combination of slow-cooked meats, fresh herbs, fragrant spices and perfectly cooked noodles. Other popular dishes include the Canh Chua Hai San (seafood tamarind soup), which also features shrimp paste and fish sauce in addition to rice vermicelli. Chicken satay skewers are also served with peanut sauce to dip them into—a great option for anyone who doesn’t want spicy food!
The interior design at Fat Noodle lends itself well to the experience you’ll get when dining there: it’s stylish yet comfortable, spacious yet intimate, and the fast and friendly service further enhances your experience here!
Banana Leaf Thai is one of the best Thai restaurants in East Brisbane. It offers excellent service, a great atmosphere and a solid value for money, as well as some of the freshest and tastiest food you’ll find in town. The team at Banana Leaf Thai has been working hard to create an authentic Thai dining experience for customers, with delicious dishes created by expert chefs who know how to bring out the best flavours from every ingredient used.
Lemak is a great place to go if you want to experience Malaysian dishes, but don’t expect anything too authentic. The atmosphere of Lemak is excellent: it boasts a spacious dining area, comfortable seating and an interesting design that makes the restaurant feel like a modern cafe with hints of Asian influence. The service is also excellent; the staff are friendly and efficient in their work, which makes your experience all the more enjoyable.
If you’re planning on visiting Brisbane with friends or family members, then this spot will be perfect for you. They have large tables so everyone can sit together comfortably without feeling squeezed or cramped into one small area. You could even bring some board games along so everyone can enjoy themselves whilst eating!
We hope that this has helped you find authentic Asian restaurants in Brisbane that serve delicious food and are perfect for a casual night out with your friends or family. The best part about these restaurants is that they are all located close together in the CBD. This makes it easy to eat at multiple places on the same night if you’re up for it!
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