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With more restaurant chefs making the pivot to hawker life, that means new additions to our list of restaurant-quality food to enjoy at affordable prices! Located within an airy coffee shop in Marine Parade, Wang’s Noodle and Dumpling is one such example and the fruit of Chef Wang Yi Guang’s labour. It’s time to head to the east to get a taste of his take on northern Chinese cuisine! 
Having sharpened his culinary skills at various Chinese restaurants in Singapore such as Paradise Dynasty and Xi Yan’s flagship restaurant at Maxwell Chamber Suites, the 27-year-old chef runs the stall alongside his parents. Fun fact: his parents also had their own Hainanese chicken stall prior to this. 
The menu comprises mainly la mian, with 12 different variations to choose. Look forward to Taiwan Braised Pork Lamian ($5), Tomato with Egg Lamian ($3.80), Sichuan DanDan Lamian ($4.50), Sour & Spicy Lamian Soup ($4), and more. For those who are only slightly peckish, take your pick from smaller bites like Xiao Long Bao ($5), Pork and Chives Dumplings ($5 for ten pieces) and Dumplings with Red Chilli Oil Sauce ($5 for ten pieces). 
One of the noodle dishes recommended to me was the Minced Pork Bean Paste Lamian ($4.50). The handmade noods themselves were undoubtedly outstanding no matter what sauce they were paired with. They were deliciously QQ and chewy with a bit of bite to them. 
The bean paste sauce gave off a strong fragrance of peanuts and had a slightly creamy mouthfeel that worked in tandem with the small pops of savouriness from the well-seasoned chunks of minced meat. 
Folks who enjoy mala should give the Red Chilli Dumpling Lamian ($4.50) a try. The same tasty noodles had a nice amla flavour, and just a tinge of sourness. As for the star of the bowl, the well-packed pork dumplings were super juicy and meaty. These dumplings were certainly fatter, and filled with a more generous portion of filling as compared to the dumplings that many dumpling noodle stalls serve. 
I had a lot of anticipation for the Fresh Pork Pan-Fried Dumplings ($5 for ten pieces), which sported an enticing, crispy-looking UFO crust. Sadly, the slight crunch I was expecting from the crust was missing. The yummy and well-seasoned pork-and-chives filling within did make up for it. Be prepared for a juicy burst when you bite into it! 
The Pork Bun ($4) is their take on the popular street food rou jia mo that sees braised pork belly shredded and stuffed between a flaky flatbread. The latter fell short of expectations as it wasn’t quite as crispy as it should be. The flavourful braised pork belly filling did brighten things up a little though. 
Wang’s Noodle and Dumpling House was definitely aptly named, what with their variety of handmade noodles and generously-filled dumplings. With so many other noodle dishes to try, making a few return trips seem to be a must!
Address: 80 Marine Parade Central, #01-770, Singapore 440080
Phone: 9237 6918
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 3pm, 5pm to 9.30pm, Monday, Wednesday to Sunday.
Facebook: made an anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.
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Notorious among friends for her massive sweet tooth, Sheila is game to try any food that comes her way – as long as it’s edible. She spends half her time battling food comas with attempted naps and a good sweat sesh at CruBox to shed off those pesky calories.

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