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Using the pressure of the sun’s rays to propel spacecraft, solar sails will allow future unmanned missions to be longer and cheaper while reaching the outer solar system—and possibly beyond.
Quarles Says Fed Should Have Hiked Rates Before Taper Finished
Gunman Who Opened Fire at Indiana Mall Was a 20-Year-Old Local Man
Apple Sued Over Apple Pay, Accused of Antitrust Violations
Apple Plans to Slow Hiring and Spending for Some Teams Next Year
Airbus CEO Expects to Resolve ‘Glider’ Aircraft by End of Year
Democrats’ Tax-Hike Plans Are Imperiled — With or Without Joe Manchin
Scaled-Back Semiconductor Funding Bill Set Up for Senate Vote
Investment Bankers’ Takeaway From Earnings: Paycheck Will Shrink
Biggest US Banks Beef Up Workforces Even With Recession Looming
Artist Claes Oldenburg, Maker of Huge Urban Sculptures, Dies
Gebreslase of Ethiopia Finishes Strong, Wins World Marathon
Big Banks Suffer Loan Pain, Just Not the Kind We Expected
Single-Stock Levered ETFs Are Financial Mutants
Elon Wants to Fight the Bots
Brain-Computer Interface Startup Implants First Device in US Patient
The US Is Exporting Inflation, and Fed Hikes Will Make It Worse
A Dip in Gasoline Use Stokes Debate Over Demand Destruction
Racial Parity in US Colleges Is 70 Years Away, McKinsey Says
Uber Settles DOJ Lawsuit Over Wait Fees for Disabled Passengers
London Offers Ice Cream to Homeless as Heat Hits Poor the Most
Heat Wave Is Pushing Europe’s Energy System to the Limit
A Scorched Air Field South of London Puts Focus on Green Flying
Office-to-Residential Conversions Can’t Cope With UK Heat Wave
Austin Weighs $2 Billion Bond for School Safety and Teacher Housing
The Next Generation of Abortion Doctors Train in California
Three Arrows Owes Biggest Creditor Digital Currency Group $1.2 Billion
Crypto ‘Altcoins’ Lead Push Higher as Bitcoin Jumps Above $22,000
In the Middle of Summer, Fear Sets In Over Crypto Winter
Senators Lindsey Graham, left, and Robert Menendez.

Two leading US senators on the Foreign Relations Committee are seeking an overhaul of Taiwan policy, saying they want to deter any possible invasion of the island by China after witnessing Russia’s attack on Ukraine. 
The “Taiwan Policy Act of 2022” would provide $4.5 billion in defense assistance to Taiwan over the next four years. It also would designate Taiwan as a major non-NATO ally and set up a “broad sanctions regime” to penalize China for any hostile action against Taiwan, including actions in the Taiwan Strait.


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