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RBA Sets Up Private-Sector Economists Panel for Discussions
Geely Earnings Miss Estimates as Lockdowns, Shortages Hit Sales
China Attacks US Chip Handouts While Warning of Market Slowdown
Renesas Is Said to Explore Sale of Military ‘Rad Hard’ Business
Mubadala-Backed UAE Firm Sets Up $10 Billion Fund for Tech Deals
Germany’s Summer of Near-Free Rail Travel Is Almost at an End
US and Taiwan Begin Formal Negotiations on Trade Initiative
Singapore to Be Asia’s Millionaire Capital by 2030, HSBC Says
Peter Thiel’s Plans for New Zealand Luxury Lodge Thwarted by Environmentalists
Hanae Mori, Japanese Designer for Films, Empress, Dies At 96
Premier League Races Toward £6 Billion Mark as Rivals Lag Behind
Hedge Funds Are Fortifying ex-SPACs With Cash Cannons
Trip to Portugal With Coworkers? It’s a New World of Offsites
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Stories of Climate Adaptation From a Simmering Subcontinent
How a Bloomberg Reporter’s Family Escaped the Taliban
A Crypto Winter King Wants to Reanimate the Industry
WNBA’s 2022 Regular Season Was Most-Watched in 14 Years
Judge Reinstates North Carolina’s 20-Week Abortion Ban
Washington Mushroom Producer Sued for Firing Most of Female Workforce
Bees Increasingly Stressed by Climate Change Over the Past 100 Years – Study
Australia’s Top Polluters May Be Told to Cut Emissions 6% a Year
New York’s Congestion Pricing Plan Is Politically ‘Explosive’
Documenting the Quest for Safer Streets
Speed Limits and Number Plates for Cyclists? Grant Shapps Floats the Idea
A Crypto Winter King Wants to Reanimate the Industry
Crypto Market Wilts With Four Days of Losses After Merge Mania
Quebec’s Caisse Writes Off Celsius, Saying Bet Was ‘Too Soon’
The M+ museum in Hong Kong.
The art world — and Beijing — are paying careful attention to what M+ puts on display.

Hong Kong's M+ museum, the city's long-awaited answer to the Pompidou and the Guggenheim Bilbao, opens this weekend, diving headlong into a debate over the future of art, culture and free expression in the rapidly changing city.
For the first piece in the exhibition, called “Hong Kong: Here and Beyond,” curator Tina Pang chose an untitled work by a celebrated local street artist, Tsang Tsou-choi, also known as the King of Kowloon. The text of the 2003 piece decries British colonial rule, a position that could be seen as pro-China. It’s also an elevation of graffiti, by a creator who later became quite critical of Beijing.


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