The National Palace Museum of Taiwan is one of the finest collections of Chinese imperial relics. It is preparing to protect its treasures in case Beijing launches an attack. It is working with law and security enforcement agencies to refine its plans.
The leading Communist Party of China has claimed Taiwan as its territory for a long time. But it has never controlled the island. Recently, the island has encountered increasing military posturing from China. It is said that China has frequently sent warplanes near Taiwan. As per the Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan, recently PLA (People’s Liberation Army) Air Force flew 29 aircraft inside the ADIZ of the territory.
Nearly 180 staff are taught about the ways to respond to different scenarios. It also taught me how to seek help from police in case the security facilities collapse and the artifacts seize. In addition, special training will be there to boost the overall ability of the staff to protect the collection.
The National Palace Museum of Taiwan is preparing to protect its treasures. The launching of an attack by Beijing on the country is forcing it to do so. Recently, it launched its first “wartime response exercise”. It is about evacuating the artifacts.
According to reports, the museum will focus on saving about 90,000 relics from its 700,000 powerful collections. It will prioritize artifacts having a higher value and the ones that consume less space. The National Museum of History, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and the National Taiwan Museum are also planning for evacuation.
The National Palace Museum of Taiwan known for its vast artifacts collection. It was once housed at the Forbidden City of Beijing at the Palace Museum. Also, the treasures have survived 2 wars.
The museum expanded its scope beyond China. It stages multiple exhibitions and is opening a new branch. The treasures collected from the mainland have put the island on the radar. The museum director Wu also said that these legacies are invaluable to human civilization. And it depends on Taiwan to protect these artifacts.
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