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“Can you recommend a new place to eat?” That’s the question Nosh contributors get the most, and it’s a good one — while we all have our beloved standbys, exploring a new restaurant is one of life’s great pleasures. Watch this space every week for the newest restaurants to try in Berkeley, Oakland and the rest of the East Bay. As always, tips and recommendations are welcomed at editors@eastbaynosh.org.
If all goes according to plan (here’s hoping!), Benchmark in Kensington should have a new little sister shop starting this week. Introducing Benchmark Portavia (“carry out” in Italian), the team’s new storefront for grab-and-go food and dry goods, featuring prepared items such as salads as well as Italian-inspired groceries they use at the pizzeria — cheeses, olive oils, pasta, canned tomatoes, good salt and even pizza dough to go. Hours are limited to begin, but are lunch friendly, and locals are molto looking forward to this new option for the neighborhood. Benchmark Portavia, 380 Colusa Ave. (between Oak View and Santa Fe avenues), Kensington
It’s here! Temescal’s 31-year-old Ethiopian standout Cafe Colucci and its sister spice company Brundo are now fully open inside their new, larger location at 5849 San Pablo Ave. in North Oakland. (Reminder that the former location on Telegraph Avenue is now closed.) Cafe Colucci, 5849 San Pablo Ave. (between Stanford Avenue and 59th Street), Oakland 
As announced by Nosh last week, this long-awaited restaurant dedicated to Indigenous food is now welcoming guests. Founded by Louis Trevino and Vincent Medina, Cafe Ohlone’s new incarnation is called ‘ottoy (“to mend or repair” in the Chochenyo language), and is in the courtyard of the Hearst Museum of Anthropology on U.C. Berkeley’s campus. Reservations can be made online. Cafe Ohlone/’ottoy, Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley
The Chronicle listed this new Union City doughnut and pastry spot among its East Bay openings last month, with sweet offerings that have Japanese, Hawaiian, Taiwanese and other influences. Be warned that hours are limited, as DoughWeiMe is only open Thursday-Saturday from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. or when they sell out. DoughWeiMe Donuts & Pastries, 31858 Alvarado Blvd., Union City
Everyone’s favorite irreverent, small-batch (and really, really good) ice cream maker Humphry Slocombe has a new scoop shop on Bay Street in Emeryville. Thanks to the E’ville Eye for the…scoop. Though the shop’s already open, look for a special grand opening celebration on Sept. 13, and expect more Bay Street food and drink openings to come as the new Bay Break food terrace concept ramps up. (As for Humphry Slocombe, Nosh enjoys picturing potential Emeryville-based versions of the group’s famed, collaborative ice cream flavors – the Swedish SundaeRatatouille?) Humphry Slocombe Bay Street, 5641 Bay St., Suite 234, Emeryville
A commenter let us know that Jungdon Katsu’s Japanese dishes were well worth checking out. The delivery and take-out only spot is a new tenant inside North Oakland’s Longfellow Food Hall. Jungdon Katsu inside Longfellow Food Hall, 5333 Adeline St. (at 54th St.), Oakland
Contributor Brock Keeling’s story on Oaklandia Cafe & Bakery’s expansion is a sweet one, and begins in a famous Bay Area cookie shop once located in the same downtown space. Oaklandia Cafe, 555 12th St. (ground floor of 555 City Center), Oakland
Hot, beloved sandwich purveyor Ok’s Deli, formerly a pop-up and known for its Asian-inflected but also classic Americana-style creations, opened its first brick-and-mortar location Sept. 1. Cesar Hernandez of the SF Chronicle has a thorough report of the shop’s sought-after offerings, including a spam mi sandwich with housemade, artisanal spam. Nosh’s report from 2021 on the pop-up offers more insight into what chef Albert Ok’s new spot is all about. Ok’s Deli, 3932 Telegraph Ave. (at 40th Street), Oakland
Boozy-boba fans and nonboozy-boba fans alike should check out One Milk Tea’s new. spacious location in Oakland’s Chinatown, opened as of Sept. 2. The Sacramento-based boba mini-chain says it’s rapidly expanding across the state, with East Oakland and Alameda outposts also in the works. So far, this new spot is their only Bay Area location to offer “alcoholic boba,” by which they mean tea infused with soju or sake. One Milk Tea Chinatown, 349 7th St., Oakland
Fans missing their favorite Capitola-based pies and slices from the now demolished Pizza My Heart location on Bay Street can now find them for take-out and delivery inside Oakland’s Longfellow Food Hall. Pizza My Heart inside Longfellow Food Hall, 5333 Adeline St. (at 54th St.), Oakland
Alameda-based coffee greats Signal Coffee have just opened their first Berkeley location on Solano, in the former Brazilian Breads. Owner Brendan Doherty told Nosh contributor Anna Mindess that the location will offer coffee and pastries not found at its other outpost, and that it expects to hold a grand opening celebration in coming weeks. Signal Coffee Roasters, 1707 Solano Ave., Berkeley 
Thanks to an East Coast reader visiting family in Hayward, we’ve heard that that city has a promising new Chinese restaurant in Tasty Szechuan, opened in recent days in the former A Heart Szechwan Fish space. Local reviews are bordering on excitable so far. Tasty Szechuan, 766 A St., Hayward
Featured image: Inside the new Cafe Colucci. Credit: Melati Citrawireja
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