Women are the muses of the art in our museums, but rarely the creators.
Why it matters: Female artists' work is a fraction of what's displayed in museums, but that's not due to a lack of women in art.
By the numbers: A recent analysis of major U.S. art museums by researchers at Williams College found that just 13% of artists featured in those collections were women. But some 55% of working artists are women, per data from the career platform Zippia.
The big picture: Kelema Moses, an art history expert and professor at the University of California, San Diego, points to a centuries-old pattern of women being left out of the art world.
Now, women make up the majority of art students and working artists, but they're still catching up to that long history of exclusion.
What to watch: Change is coming — albeit gradually.
Details: The Williams College analysis found that the overall split between male and female artists in America's museums is close to 87% and 13%, largely due to the overwhelming dominance of male artists from the 19th century and earlier.


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