CGTN America releases “China calls on Pelosi to cancel Taiwan trip”
China expressed both sympathy and antipathy over Nancy Pelosi’s postponed trip to Asia – sympathy over her positive COVID-19 test, and antipathy over unconfirmed media reports that the U.S. House Speaker planned to visit Taiwan.
“We extend sympathy to Speaker Pelosi for contracting COVID-19 and wish her a speedy recovery, said Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Zhao Lijian. Regarding Taiwan, Zhao added: “What she should do is not postpone the visit, but cancel it immediately.”
“A planned Congressional delegation to Asia, led by Speaker Pelosi, will be postponed to a later date,” tweeted her Deputy Chief of Staff, Drew Hammill on April 7.
“The Speaker will quarantine consistent with CDC guidance,” tweeted Hammill. That means, Pelosi isolating herself for at least 5 days from the day she tested positive.
A trip to Taipei would be the first formal visit by a U.S. official in 25 years. While CGTN America could not confirm reports of Speaker Pelosi’s trip to Tawain, Chinese officials lashed out preemptively. “If the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives knowingly commits a sneaky visit to Taiwan, it will be a malicious provocation to China’s sovereignty, gross interferences in its internal affairs and an extremely dangerous political signal to the outside world,” said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.
Both the content and tone of Wang’s remarks were echoed on the Chinese social media account, “Views on the Taiwan Straits.” Post on this account called it a “risky move” that would “send a wrong signal to Taiwan independence separatist forces.”
Previous reports in Japanese and Taiwanese media said Pelosi and a U.S. congressional delegation would stop in Taiwan after leaving Japan this coming weekend. Pelosi’s COVID-19 infection creates by default a cooling-off period for a diplomatic showdown that would likely intensify if a Taipei visit took place.
China opposes any official contact between the U.S. and Taiwan. “If the US insists on having its own way, China will take firm and strong measures,” warned Zhao.
Click here to read more about “China calls on Pelosi to cancel Taiwan trip” https://newsus.cgtn.com/news/2022-04-09/Pelosi-postpones-Asia-trip-after-testing-positive-for-COVID-19-194WarXTZF6/index.html
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