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Image: AP
China said Taiwan has "no basis, reason or right" to participate in the Interpol General Assembly after the organization refused to give Taiwan observer status.
Taiwan has demanded observer status at the 90th General Assembly of the International Criminal Police Organization.
The Foreign Ministry of Taiwan said Taiwan "is unable to receive updated and timely criminal intelligence to safeguard border security and enforce law and order" because of China's political interference.
In Beijing, the spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council said the channels for "Taiwan region to participate in global cooperation to fight against crime are open and smooth. "
"The Democratic Progressive Party authorities have repeatedly hyped up and manipulated the so-called Taiwan's participation in international organizations," said Ma Xiaoguang, the spokesperson, on Wednesday.
"Their plot will not succeed."
Ma also responded to complaints from some Taiwanese that they may be banned from voting in local elections in November because they are trapped on the mainland due to travel restrictions caused by China's strict COVID-19 policies.
"The DPP authorities carried out political manipulation and damaged the interests of Taiwan people for their own selfish interests. Their sinister intentions are well known and will be punished by public opinion," said Ma.
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