All eyes on Chairman Powell as the Fed delivers its latest rate decision. Tom Keene, Jonathan Ferro, Lisa Abramowicz, Michael McKee & Romaine Bostick discuss the market implications with some of the biggest names from Wall Street.
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The market for trading cards exploded during the pandemic. A once-innocent hobby has been transformed by seven-figure valuations and fractional investment. How did this American pastime go so Wall Street?
The Fed’s New Dot Plot After Its June Policy Meeting
Key Takeaways From the Fed’s Rate-Hike Decision and Forecasts
From Big Tech to Bank Stocks, Traders Brace for Fed Rate Hike
Most Shopify Investors Opposed CEO Power Gain, Glass Lewis Says
Spotify to Slow Hiring Plans, Cites Economic Uncertainty
Boris Johnson’s Ethics Adviser Quits After Suggesting UK PM Broke Code
Bannon Must Face Criminal Trial Over Jan. 6 Probe Obstruction
Top Democrat Seeks Probe on Use of Crypto in Retirement Accounts
Goldman Goes to Brooklyn Championing Program to Help Black Women
Festival Founded By Dua Lipa’s Father Decamps From Kosovo
New Chelsea Owner Says English Football Is Heavily Undervalued
Crypto Debt Can Be Trouble
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Accused Buffalo Shooter Faces Potential Death Penalty on Charges
Morgan Stanley, Felicis Alums Raise $450 Million for Debut Fund
Japanese Firm to Tackle Dearth of Female Managers With Novel Bond
GM May Start Electric Hummer Sales in Europe as Part of Reboot
Ford’s Mustang Mach-E Profit Wiped Out by Commodity Costs
Chicago Taps Direct Cash Charity to Give Residents $500 a Month
How Many Bridges Does the Chesapeake Bay Need?
‘Train Fanatics’ Score a Win in California Battle Over Idled Tracks
Top Democrat Seeks Probe on Use of Crypto in Retirement Accounts
Coinbase’s Chaotic Day of Job Cuts Follows Rapid Hiring Spree
Crypto-SPAC Deals Get Stuck in SEC Limbo as Token Demand Plunges

China’s assertions that the Taiwan Strait doesn’t qualify as international waters raises tensions over the nautical flash point, through which US warships transit in a symbolic challenge to Beijing’s territorial claims over the democratically governed island.
While it’s unclear what Beijing means by “international waters,” the language may be intended to deter the US from sailing through the strait, a practice which China has said harms stability and sends the wrong signal to “Taiwan independence forces.” Chinese officials have made such remarks repeatedly in meetings with US counterparts in recent months, according to a person familiar with the situation, in what seems to be a change of position. 


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