San Francisco police flew to Taiwan to arrest a man accused of breaking into a Bernal Heights home and stealing around $3 million in March.
The authorities arrived in San Francisco on Friday with 30-year-old Tianze Zhang, a Los Angeles resident with an outstanding warrant for felony burglary, felony kidnapping for robbery and felony terroristic threats.
The March 16 crime began at around 4 p.m. when Zhang reportedly entered the residence and startled a woman who was home alone at the time.
Footage from the doorbell’s camera shows a man wearing gloves, ski goggles and other items to conceal his identity.
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After entering the woman’s home, the intruder reportedly restrained her with duct tape, threatened to torture her with a knife and proceeded to demand money through instructions on a tablet hanging from his neck.
The victim complied and transferred nearly $3 million from her account as per directions from the intruder, who also stole her cell phones before fleeing.
Arrest Made in Ingleside Home Invasion Burglary
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The suspect was identified as 30-year-old, LA resident, Tianze Zhang. Zhang was determined to have fled the U.S. shortly after the burglary. Members of our Burglary Unit traveled to Taipei, Taiwan, and escorted Zhang back to SF.
— San Francisco Police (@SFPD) June 4, 2022
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Investigation into the case led police and the FBI to the port city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. They then alerted local authorities, who arrested Zhang on May 30 and took him to Taipei. San Francisco police obtained a warrant and flew to the Taiwanese capital on Thursday to escort him back to the U.S.
It is unclear how investigators managed to identify Zhang as a suspect. The victim, who was injured during the encounter, reportedly remains distressed.
“It feels good,” Sgt. John Hallisy said of the arrest, according to KTVU. “And the long arm of the San Francisco PD reached across the Pacific Ocean is pretty good too.”
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Zhang is being held without bail at the San Francisco County Jail. The burglary investigation remains open, and anyone with information is urged to contact detectives at 415-575-4444.
Featured Image via KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco
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