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Ramon Abbas perfected a simple internet scam that helped him launder millions of dollars, riches he shamelessly flaunted on Instagram. Better known as @Hushpuppi, the young Nigerian became a fixture among the global elite as fashion houses showered him with gifts. But his fame would ultimately be his downfall
War-Hit Ukraine Atomic Plant Poses Risks to Europe’s Energy Grid
Credit Suisse’s Top Owner Urges Lender to Fix Investment Bank or Find Options
Apple Warns of Security Flaw for iPhones, iPads and Macs
Xiaomi Profit Misses Estimates as Smartphone Business Turns Dire
South Africa ‘Confident’ Over TotalEnergies Gas Development Plan
UK’s Truss Stands By Vow to ‘Call Out’ Vladimir Putin at G-20
Hong Kong Reopens Major Covid Site as Cases Hit Four-Month High
Cohen Makes Millions on Bed Bath & Beyond as Meme Traders Recoil
Return to Office Is Being Threatened by a Child Care Crisis in Australia
Britain’s Iconic Roses Are Withering Away. Here’s What the Traditional Garden Will Look Like
House of the Dragon Review: Game of Thrones Prequel Breathes Fire on HBO
Biden, Putin and Xi? A Good G-20 Turnout, But Not Enough
‘The Godfather’ Insight on What’s Driving Markets
Kenya’s Economy Can’t Afford a Political Crisis
Richest Silicon Valley Suburb Says Build Anywhere But Here
Neobanks Are Struggling to Make Good on Their Lofty Promises
Stories of Climate Adaptation From a Simmering Subcontinent
UK Warns Buy-Now-Pay-Later Firms on Ads Amid Household Squeeze
Two SAP Staffers Say HR Mishandled Their Work-Event Rape Claims
Florida’s ‘Stop Woke Act’ for Workplaces Blocked by Federal Judge
Wind Drives Major Wildfire in Spain as 35 Aircraft Deployed
Yangtze Shrinks as China’s Drought Disrupts Industry
New England Cities Fight Abortion Misinformation With Truth-in-Ads Laws
What Penn Station’s $6 Billion Makeover Means for NYC
The Fight Against Evictions Moves to the Courts
Crypto Newbies Have Family and Friends to Thank for Losses
Crypto Firm Hodlnaut Reveals Singapore Police Proceedings
Japan’s Largest Online Broker to Shut Crypto Mining in Russia

The standoff between the US and China over Taiwan has thrown a spotlight on growing risks to one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes — even a minor disruption could ripple through supply chains.  
The Taiwan Strait is the primary route for ships passing from China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan to points west, carrying goods from Asian factory hubs to markets in Europe, the US and all points in between. Almost half of the global container fleet and a whopping 88% of the world’s largest ships by tonnage passed through the waterway this year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. 


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