Formosa, Family & Fun Day Event Flyer
On Sept. 12, Taiwan reopened its borders to tourists from around the world. American and Canadian tourists are once again welcome to enter visa-free, and the hassle of pre-flight PCR tests has been eliminated. Quarantine requirements are also expected to be eliminated in favor of self-health monitoring upon arrival in mid-October. In celebration of Taiwan’s new season of tourism, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau is inviting Southern Californians to get together for an evening of Taiwanese small eats, night market games, giveaways, prizes, and more at the Formosa, Family, and Fun event. This daytime market will be held at the Yiya Formosa inside Anaheim Garden Walk from noon to 6 PM on Saturday, Oct. 8, 2022.
Linda Lin, Director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s San Francisco Office states, “Taiwan is slated to drop all testing and quarantine requirements on October 13. Traveling to Taiwan is about to become a whole lot easier. We warmly welcome Southern Californians to attend Formosa, Family, and Fun Day on Oct. 8 and put Taiwan on their calendars. In November, round trip flights from Los Angeles to Taipei will increase to 11 per week.”
Taiwan’s night markets, one of its must-visit attractions, are world famous for their lively ambience and abundance of homemade gourmet dishes. Only last month, 141 Taiwanese eateries, including several street stalls, were awarded the 2022 Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand distinction for outstanding gastronomic experiences for under NT$1,000 (approximately $32).
Visitors to the Formosa, Family, and Fun event will be able to savor classic Taiwanese street eats like crispy popcorn chicken and zesty sweet potato fries garnished with plum powder. Classic night market games like Ring Toss, Ping Pong Bingo, and Beer Bottle Fishing—which will offer Taiwanese snacks as prizes—will also be available to remind travelers of the lighthearted experience a trip to Taiwan offers.
The market will also feature an area dedicated to the rich Taiwanese tradition of hand puppetry, or budaixi. Today, traditional hand puppet performances can still be observed at Taiwan’s popular temple fairs, and the nation is home to the world’s largest puppet film studio where the highly successful Pili television series is filmed with life-size puppets and practical special effects.
As always, Taiwan’s charming Taiwanese black bear friend, Oh! Bear, will be present to interact with visitors, and raffles will be held a total of three times at 1:30 PM, 3:30 PM, and 5:30 PM.
The night market will also feature booths by China Airlines, EVA Air, and other travel providers where visitors may inquire about planning their trip to Taiwan and receive travel advice.
Please visit Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s Instagram or official Facebook Page for more information.

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