What’s being debated in Japan, and what’s trending? The Week is a podcast that sets out to help you stay informed on news, culture and more.
You are the reason JAPAN Forward launched The Week – a podcast for busy people who want to keep abreast of Japan’s culture, politics, business, economy and research worlds. Hosted by Arielle Busetto.
In our eighth episode we discuss Joe Biden’s first trip to Asia as US President and what came out of the Quad summit meeting in Tokyo. Rain? You’re covered if you read about snapping pictures even in wet weather. We also delve into the reopening of Japan to tour groups, and the attraction of All Japan Judo Championships. Find the related articles list below. 
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Author: Arielle Busetto

Shintaro Ishihara, The Politician
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Mt. Mitake: A One-Day Itinerary for Nature and Serenity
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